Civil War refuges AlmeríaCivil War refuges Almería

Civil War refuges Almería

Discover the monument of life

In the midst of one of the darkest times of our history, an incredible network of underground galleries was built, saving the lives of more than 37,000 people.

Almeria City
2 hours
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  1. Puerta de Purchena
    Gathering in the meeting point and presentation with the guide.
  2. Entrance to the shelters
    Presentation and viewing of an introductory video
  3. Descent and visit the shelters
    Complete tour through the main gallery and its different rooms
  4. City walk
    Identification of the elements of the shelters that come to the surface

Experience no available on Sunday afternoons and Mondays.

*Indicative information that may change. The number, order and content of the stop could be modified in function of diverse facts to offer the best experience.

What we will do

The Spanish Civil War shelters in Almería are unique in all Spain. We are talking about the largest network of air-raid shelters in all Europe. A sole moment that you can’t miss if you visit Almería. 4,5 km of underground galleries that were built at the height of the war to safeguard the lives of 37,000 people from Almería. A monument dedicated to a life full of stories and anecdotes that won’t disappoint you. An experience to reflect and wonder where we are going. 

In 2006, almost one kilometre of the main gallery of the shelter was recovered from oblivion. In there we find several rooms such as storehouses, private shelters and even a hospital. Its building and history are full of scars that are still visible in its walls and halls. The history of a divided town and forced to meet again. We will finish this special visit with a walk through the city. We will identify those elements of the Spanish Civil War shelters that come to the surface and have so much to tell. Hidden parts of our history that go unnoticed to the local people and visitants. 

In this guided visit, you have to come by your own means to the meeting point to start the visit with the guide. The team Raizes Turismo Personal will provide you all the information and help that you need. This is a private experience, your personal guide and your group, you set the pace and we tailor the experience for you.

We recommend the use of comfortable shoes to walk, as well as clothing appropriate to the weather and the time of the year. In this way, it is important to bring water or some hydrating drinks as well as sun protection and some snacks if you wish.

What is included
Private guide
Entrance to the monument
Photos of the experience
Surprise gift
Price list

Our fares divide into three groups which are regardless of the final number of adults who attend:

  • The whole group up to 2 people, 55 €
  • The whole group up to 4 people, 60 €
  • The whole group up to 10 people, 80 €

People over 14 years old are considered adults.

This experience include a supplement by way of tickets of Spanish Civil War Shelters:

  • Regular fare, 3€
  • Children under 6 years old, free

More people, ask for more information.
21% VAT included.

review Chris bunting google
Chris Bunting

We did a tour of the refugios with Emilio and his team and it was amazing! They are knowledgeable, friendly, adaptable, and fully bilingual. In addition to giving insights and historical context, he connected it with the city’s present architecture and imbued a difficult topic of war with uplifting themes. Definitely a one of a kind experience and the best way to discover Almería’s landmarks. Don’t miss out on this amazing tour company!

Caitlin Knights

I didn’t end up going on this tour as there were not enough people and I would have had to pay for three people. On the day, the tour guide explained to me that I could go later in the day for free(due to one day fiesta). Friendly, completely transparent and very ethical. I’m sorry to have missed out on this tour but would highly recommend this company. Muchas gracias!

tripadvisor reseña marya

Beautiful tour

Everything was perfect . The tour was so informative. I have learned many historical things about Almería. Our tour guide Emilio made sure that we see all the historical places and point out the smallest details that makes every site a unique experience. Very friendly atmosphere.