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Experiences à la carte

Your personal guide to create your own route.

Conceived for any kind of activity and format that you would like to achieve when you don’t know what to do in Almería. It is perfect if you need a trusted local friend to help you to organize and guide your experience.

All the province
from 2 hours
Available experiences


  • Granada and La Alhambra: Guided visit from any place of the province of Almería to La Alhambra of Granada and its city.
  • Women in Almería: Find out the history of Almería through those women who revolutionized the society and transformed its culture.
  • Almería in a whole: Guided experience up to 4 hours to know entiley the two most important monuments of the city: La Alcazaba of Almería and its Cathedral-Fortress with a brief walk for its old city.
  • The other Almería: Semiurban hiking to know the caliphal quarries of the city, its old city walls and the primitive suburbs of Almería, surrounded by nature.
  • Culture of tapas: Guided experience to know about agriculture, the local gastronomy and its conexion with our history and our way of life. There will be both theory and practice in tasting.
  • The cinema in Almería: Discover the movie sets and the locations of the most famous films and small screen productions of Almería, both in the city as well as the province.
  • Port of Almería site: Guided visit to know the origin of Almería in this archaeological and urban site, where you can see the old wall and the remains of Roman and Phoenician times.

Nature and Ethnography

  • Sierra de los Filabres and Calar Alto Observatory: A unique and natural place in the province where you can find the astronomical observatory of Calar Alto, also the famous mountain range with its deer’s bellows.
  • Sierra María – Los Vélez and the Indalo: It is 1 of the 3 natural parks of the province and cradle of Almería’s Indalo; if prehistoric people chose this place, there is a reason for it.
  • Towns and villages: Níjar, Laujar de Andarax and Mojácar are some of the villages that you have to know if you come to Almería, although any of its 103 towns will make you love them.
  • Archaeological site of Los Millares: Considered for many as the first modern city of the Iberian Peninsula’s history and a unique place in the world.

Adventure and sport

  • Coves of Almería: Guided trip to know and dive in the hidden coves of Cabo de Gata. Enjoy its crystal clear water and its volcanic nature.
    Almería by motorcycle: Feel the emotion of two wheels with your own motorcycle or we rent one. Marvelous roads are waiting for you to ride with our biker guide in the desert, mountain or coast.
  • Boat ride: Boat or sailing boat,it is your choice. Go sailing with one of our guides and experience the emotion of sailing and finding out our coast and heritage with gull’s eye view.
  • Almería by scooter: Guided experience to know the city of Almería in a funny and comfortable way, riding an electric scooter. It will not disappoint you.
  • 4×4 adventure tour: Feel the emotion of driving on a dirty truck in natural surroundings and experience the most wild nature. Enjoy your guided off-road or all-terrain experience.
  • Horse rides: In this guided experience we will move from the different natural spaces of Almería’s province to feel unique emotions by walking, trotting or galloping.
  • Camel rides: Get to know the respectful farm and feel as the first arabs that came to Spain, enjoying a guided camel ride in Almería.
  • Personal Kayak: Live a different experience and enjoy kayaking with a private guide just for you and your people. The best way to know the crystal clear water of Almería.
  • Caves of Sorbas: Guided trip to discover the bowels of Karst in Yesos and enjoy the adventure of being a speleologist. In addition, we will visit the landscapes where it is the river Aquas, the creator of this magnificent work of nature.
  • Hot air balloon ride: Feel the emotion of flying safely and discover the breathtaking nature of Almería and Granada with a hot air balloon.

Scientific and industrial tourism

  • Marble Stone Quarry in Macael: The guided day trip to the white marble cradle. It is the place where the stones, that the quarry workers used to give shape to the Lion’s Yard of Granada’s Alhambra, have been extracted.
  • Astronomy in Calar Alto: Visit the largest astronomical telescope in continental Europe and enjoy learning about science and nature.
  • Solar Platform in Tabernas: Visit one of the most peculiar facilities of the Desert of Tabernas and get to know the research center for technologies used in space among us.
  • Greenhouse routes: Guided trip to learn about Almería’s agriculture with a visit to an educational greenhouse where you will see the little Amazon inside.

Or the one you are thinking about just now…

*Indicative information that may change. The number, order and content of the stop could be modified in function of diverse facts to offer the best experience.

What we will do

Each traveller and their motivations to travel to Almería are unique. Each person has their tastes and different necessities. There are trips for families, couples, solo or with friends. We make trips to get away, for adventures, culture, to feel nature or just a mix of everything. In Raizes Turismo Personal we are not afraid of heights, neither allergic to water and we feel like fish in the sea on land. We are lovers of challenges and new adventures; but, above all, we are lovers of Almería and its local heritage. Nothing like having your own local guide to do whatever you like whenever you want.

Experience à la carte is an exclusive and personal service of tourism guides that will help you during your trip in Almería. They will make sure that you only have to worry about having a great time. We organize all kinds of activities for you and your people. Along with our advisors, we will be able to create exclusive events, outdoor activities, tailored trips and many other guided experiences. We are a trusted local friend, who knows the place and who will take care of organizing everything that you need, want to see or do in Almería.

With experience à la carte, you will be able to enjoy guided visits and trips from 2 hours. You can choose between any of the experiences that you have available on our web page. In addition, we suggest other available experiences that you can enjoy with Raizes Turismo Personal. For these trips, you will be able to bring your own vehicle and it is possible to pick up and drop off the guide at the location that best suits your schedule or travel plan. It is possible to hire a personal guide with private transport as well as other extras non includes.

We recommend the use of comfortable shoes to walk, as well as clothing appropriate to the weather and the time of the year. In this way, it is important to bring water or some hydrating drinks as well as sun protection and some snacks if you wish.

What is included
Private guide
Map of the province
Surprise gift
Photos of the experience
Prices list

Our fares divide into three groups which are regardless of the final number of people who attend:

  • The whole group up to 2 people
    • 2 hours 55 €
    • 3 hours 82 €
    • 4 hours 110 €
    • 5 hours 135 €
    • 8 hours 200 €


  • The whole group up to 4 people
    • 2 hours 60 €
    • 3 hours 90 €
    • 4 hours 120 €
    • 5 hours 148 €
    • 8 hours 216 €


  • The whole group up to 10 people
    • 2 hours 80 €
    • 3 hours 120 €
    • 4 hours 160 €
    • 5 hours 192 €
    • 8 hours 254 €


More people, ask for more information.

This experience could include a supplement depending on the place of departure

21% VAT included.

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tripadvisor reseña marya

Beautiful tour

Everything was perfect . The tour was so informative. I have learned many historical things about Almería. Our tour guide Emilio made sure that we see all the historical places and point out the smallest details that makes every site a unique experience. Very friendly atmosphere.

Hanane Ouberka

I’ve been in contact with Raizes Turismo Personal through two touristic excursions. The first one was to Cabo de Gata with a team of professors. And the second one was a visit to Almeria city with friends from different countries. In the both experiences, the guide was the same (Emilio), but his way of telling things was totally different. I found him creative and knows how to manage each situation.
For me, what distinguishes them from others, besides being professionals and conveying their passion, is the fact of taking into consideration the background of each client.

review Chris bunting google
Chris Bunting

We did a tour of the refugios with Emilio and his team and it was amazing! They are knowledgeable, friendly, adaptable, and fully bilingual. In addition to giving insights and historical context, he connected it with the city’s present architecture and imbued a difficult topic of war with uplifting themes. Definitely a one of a kind experience and the best way to discover Almería’s landmarks. Don’t miss out on this amazing tour company!