Alcazaba of Almeria

The Alcazaba of Almería: the origin of a city.

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History of The Alcazaba of Almeria Traditionally, the chosen location for Almería by the different civilisations was settled further north around the old Andarax river. This strategic position, hidden under the cover of long mountain chains, allowed them to not be seen from the sea; where most of the danger lurked, but also the opportunities. Only 140 km separates Almería from Africa, so this critical position on the Mediterranean Sea will play an important role in Almería’s history and its evolution.

Hospital Shelters

The Shelters of the Spanish Civil War in Almeria

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A shelter for a life The Shelters of the Spanish Civil War in Almería are a unique and unknown construction, as part of the heritage that the province of Almería keeps. It is an underground gallery complex in which the population of Almería reached safety during the period of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).

las playas de almería

A new time, new changes

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We are living a new time in tourism and it includes new changes from Raizes. This is the first of many articles that are coming into our new Blog. This space is created to inform you about news, places and people that foster the essence of Almería, and it is available for visitors and local people. By means of personal tourism we want to know you in order to become the best ambassador. We want to introduce you to Almeria which suits each person in the best way. So we want to offer you a unique outstanding experience just for you. Our challenge is to offer experiences which suit you and not the other way round. Because it is true that there are not two equal people, so they should not have the same experience.