Tourism Consultant and Training

New times in tourism, new formulas of tourism management

After years of experiences in the tourism industry in Almería and Andalusia, Grupo Turismo Personal SRL through its commercial brand Raizes Turismo Personal wants to offer tourism consultancy and tourism training services.

We are committed to our land to promote its tourist growth, through knowledge of the territory and training of its tourism agents. Turismo Personal promotes models of tourism management that favor the local, sustainable, responsible and development for tourism resources and destinations. We want to create value in markets and society, putting faith in quality and local innovation as a way of distinction in its value proposition.

Tourism consultant

In order to seek success on the tourism market, we give advice to public administrations, local action groups, social and local agents, associations, companies… We help to introduce your business in the local tourism market. We work on the creation and development of new products and sustainable tourist destinations. Heritage management. We revive your projects and increase your competitiveness, being focused on the philosophy of joining land and people, locals as well as visitors.

Tourism training

Training in a market has become a critical element to reach success, especially in a changing and dynamic one as the tourism market is. The education is the best way to favor the equality of opportunities, problem solving skills and the chance of improving professional development. By courses, workshops and practice we build up tourism training in order to educate the professionals that will be part of tomorrow’s new tourism.

“To teach is not to transfer knowledge but to create the possibilities for the production or construction of knowledge”

Paulo Freire, 1921 – 1997, teacher and philosopher.

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