Almeria’s shore experiences

Your shore trip and excursion in your visit to the Port of Call Almeria

The province of Almería, located in Andalusia on the south-east coast of Spain, is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. Almería is unknown to the general public but its territory has a great variety of landscapes, a rich environment and monuments.

With an ideal climate, Almería is the only region on the peninsula that has a similar weather as the Canary Islands. With its above 18ºC (64ºF) annual temperature average, those mildest conditions allows us to develop any type of leisure and tourist experiences during the whole year such as guided city tours or day trip excursions.

Cruise ships usually arrive in the Port of Almería (ALM) at ‘Muelle de Levante’ or ‘Muelle de Ribera’ Both of them are within roundabout 750 metres (half mille) from the downtown. You can spend your Port of Call Almería visiting the city or surrounding area. You can find an unique desert of Europe (Tabernas), a volcanic coast (Cabo de Gata) or white villages in the uneven lands with Moorish taste (Alpujarra). You can even visit the greenhouses of Almería, which are a reference and example for the United Nations to combat climate variability and change due to their optimization in the use of water and soil resources. Furthermore, you could visit Granada and Alhambra Palace from the Port of Almería, the most important monument in Spain.

Our shore excursions in Almería include:

  • Private tours created only for you and your party.
  • Personal tourist guide, topics developed according to your own preferences and likes.
  • Customizing, the tours/excursions according to the duration of the Port of Call Almería.
  • Picking-up from the mooring quay at our excusions with transport, optional in our city tours.
  • Free charges in refund if the cruise ship does not dock at Port of Call Almería due to weather or another issue.

Our leitmotif is the union between people and places under our commitments, intimacy, assistance and experience.

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