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A new time, new changes

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We are living a new time in tourism and it includes new changes from Raizes. This is the first of many articles that are coming into our new Blog. This space is created to inform you about news, places and people that foster the essence of Almería, and it is available for visitors and local people.

By means of personal tourism we want to know you in order to become the best ambassador. We want to introduce you to Almeria which suits each person in the best way. So we want to offer you a unique outstanding experience just for you. Our challenge is to offer experiences which suit you and not the other way round. Because it is true that there are not two equal people, so they should not have the same experience.

It is more than 15 months ago that our life has changed as we used to know. It was not in our mind the result. A pandemic was going to close the border around the World. It was going to change the way we mix with each other. There is no question, tourism has become one of the most hurted sectors by the situation of international isolation. The need for mobility and travel has been a constant during this time. all of us had the need to go out and turn off, but this situation has been slow to become feasible.

Nowadays the situation has started to put in order with new formulas that allow you to travel with certain security. Nevertheless, it is true that the new times have changed our idea about trips and tourism. This situation has speeded up procedures of the way to travel that we used to. Everything as we knew it until now is not valid for the new stage that is coming. Undoubtedly these are new times for tourism so there must also be new times and changes in Raizes.

Since the birth of Raizes Turismo Personal, its work has been to build value in Almería through the local development and personal tourism. We have designed and run a training in sustainable and responsible tourism for women at risk of social exclusion. In parallel we have advised on the subject of tourism to public and private organizations in rural areas. In spite of tourism being stopped, we wanted to reinvent the old tourism and think about the tourism in the future. Moreover we have made the most of that pit stop in order to improve our value proposals.

Pieces of good news in Raizes Turismo Personal

After that unscheduled stop, everybody has taken advantage to change and evolve. We have done it in Raizes Turismo Personal too. We wanted to improve the occasion by bringing the news when we start traveling again. Adapt or perish, that is the question in the face of any challenge or a paradigm shift like the current one.

As there are new changes in tourism, Raizes changes as well. We bring pieces of good news that we hope you all like. Even though we have not been able to work as much as we would have liked, we have not wasted time creating value around tourism in Almeria and Eastern Andalusia.

We have a new corporate identity, a new website, new experiences, new travel formats and our club of experiences. Raizes goes on growing up with you in order to offer you all kinds of tailor-made solutions so you can enjoy the best tourism in Almeria in a safe way.

We are really proud to show you the new corporate identity of Raizes. It has all the essence of Raizes but taking the brand up a new stage. Its organic style also keeps offering an image of quality and professionalism which lives through in the Raizes experiences. We have concentrated the essence of our colours searching for a simpler, tasteful and efficient brand. A new identity for a new period.

We also present our new website which we start from scratch but with a 5 years background. We would want to show  A new website which meets the aesthetically as well as the functionality expectations in the appropriate surfing for the new times that are coming. The new Raizes website contains new surprises which you can enjoy in our guided experiences.

New experiences

From now on Raizes Turismo Personal will offer in addition to its usual private experiences, other experiences in groups in which you can join it by booking your seat. At the Club of Experiences, we will propose new guided tours such as Flamenco Archaelogy. Moreover you can take a look at other guided walking city tours or excursions where you can discover protected areas from Almería. Join the Club of Experiences from Raizes to update on new releases and activities organized by Raizes.

Besides next fall, we will offer new travel experiences. You can hire your customizable packs for your breaks or trips to Almería with the accommodation and your own customized experience pack inclusive. In this way, you will enjoy plans to visit places which you do not know in Almería yet. You can give one to your loved ones as a present ir order to feel our #RaizesExperiences and Almería as well. Life is pretty short! so let’s spend it living unforgettable moments.

As well as the breaks, we present you new experiences certified by our team since the next fall. Through Raizes, you can hire other experiences that will be carried out by external Raizes’ collaborators who we have confidence in. Quality local tourist experiences supported by Raizes guides. Keep calm! If you do not have a way to go, Raizes will provide you a customized shuttle service. Do not look for an excuse if you do not know what to do in Almería.

These are all the changes that Raizes is working on for this new stage in which we have to live, so we try to work hard to know how to adapt to you and the way you have to explore and feel the destinations. We hope you enjoy all these new changes with us because we are looking forward to live them together with you and yours. We say goodbye awaiting your comments about the new website and all the news.

A huge greeting to our Raizes family.