Reservation Policy

Reservation is understood as the request for one or more of the services and / or experiences offered by Raizes Turismo Personal (from now on RAIZES) upon acceptance of the corresponding rate and/or budget.

The budget’s request and acceptance does not constitute the formalization of the reservation.

Once the reservation has been accepted by the client, RAIZES will issue a pro forma invoice containing, among others: the base price (without taxes or fees), taxes and/or fees to be applied, identification code or reference number and a bank account number owned by RAIZES where to make the deposit.

The amount to be paid in as a reservation will be at least 50% of the retail price. However, the client can make the income of 100% of the cost of the experience and/or service if he prefers it and avoid incurring double expenses for transfers or commissions that may generate. The remaining 50% of the retail price will be made at the latest 1 hour before departure.

For experiences and / or services contracted with an advance of only 72 hours or less, the amount to be entered as a reservation will be 100% of the retail price.

The deposit must be accompanied in the concept field by the reference that is indicated in the pro forma invoice.

In any case, the amount deposited as a reservation will be understood as a payment on account of the service and/or experience contracted.

In no case will RAIZES assume the cost and/or expenses incurred by the clients when they make the payment of reservation with their bank, as well as the management of costs generated in the course of the contracting process by management and secure e-commerce platforms on the website or on a third party website.

The client must send the proof of payment to this email:

After verifying the deposit, RAIZES will issue a receipt that will be sent to the client as proof of payment and reservation of the experience and/or services contracted, where the total retail price will be recorded and what amount is advanced as a reservation.

The reservation of the service will only be effective after the verification of the deposit by RAIZES, after that the company will ensure the availability of the service and/or experience.

After the reservation, the final price will not be altered unless, by request of the client, agreed modifications will be made to the budget object of the reservation. For this case, the pro forma invoice will be reissued with the new amount. Based on the result of the difference between the amount previously deposited as reserve and the new, resulting from the modified one; the customer must make a new income for the resulting amount. In the case of a negative difference, RAIZES will discount that amount from the new retail price, issuing a new receipt that will cancel the previous one.

RAIZES keeps the rights to increase the retail price if in the course from the reservation to the realization of the service and/or reserve, there is an increase or decrease in the corresponding rates and taxes that, as a legal company, RAIZES must pass on to the final consumer (for example: VAT)