Flamenco ArchaeologyFlamenco Archaeology

Flamenco Archaeology

Culture of resiliency

What are flamencos and where they come from? From the sky? From The Netherlands? Long before music there were people; find out the true origin of flamenco.

Almería City
3 hours
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  1. Puerta de Purchena
    Gathering at the meeting point and introduction with the guide
  2. José Fernández Torres “Tomatito” plaza
    Almería, the guitar and its guitarists
  3. The Arabic tank and Club Flamenca “El Taranto”
    Al-Andalus and Etymology of flamenco
  4. Outside the church Santiago Apóstol
    The history of converts and outcasters
  5. Ancient walls of the city
    History and contribution of the gipsy people
  6. Gate of Alcazaba and the ancient Mesón Gitano
    Flamenco at neighborhood level in Almería
  7. Almedina’s neighborhood
    The traces of memory
  8. Granero Plaza
    Hidden history of gastronomy and agriculture
  9. Outside the Guitar Museum
    Antonio Torres and the history of the modern guitar
  10. Cathedral Plaza
    Outcasts, pirates and the Inquisition

*Indicative information that may change. The number, order and content of the stop could be modified in function of diverse facts to offer the best experience.

What we will do

A guided walking tour to know the true origin of flamenco, its essence, the perfect formula that created this music and makes the world thrilled. A hidden history, unknown for many, it still survives in the permanent marks of our memory. The key to a memory that will lead us to the flamenco’s prehistory.

Before the flamenco’s art and music there were people. A social and cultural mix without precedents that coincides in a concrete place and time of history to produce, unexpectedly, an unique art in the world: the flamenco. A tough history, hard but real. A history that tells about us and the way that we move forward, pretending but reminding what we are: flamencos.

In this experience you will visit related places with the past and present history of flamenco in Almería. You will also know the details and curiosities about flamenco’s music, art and way of life that is in the city’s air. Find out the alive testimony of a town’s resiliency, its land and its culture. Discover and feel the origin of flamenco.

Flamenco’s Archaeology is a travel through time and word. The hidden memory of our history that appears in our most universal art: Flamenco. Declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, the flamenco is a very young art but an international reference to our land and culture.

Since the first written sources about flamenco not even 300 years have passed. The flamenco’s archaeology is a travel to its prehistory, a multicultural travel that wants to remind the origin of who we are and have always been. A travel that shows the resiliency of a village that transmutes its reality to keep developing and looking to the future. A varied village in all its forms, customs and traditions.

The flamenco and its way of life is born from the mixture of cultures about a territory and a concrete time. This genre is today one of the biggest and most cultured along with jazz and classical music: a way of life with its own language and idiosyncrasy. In flamenco’s archaeology we will explore in order to know the origin of flamenco as we know it today; not only in its musical side, but also in its ancestral origin that gave it the life to become what it is now. Let us remember where we come from and who we are.

More information about this experience

In this guided visit, you have to come by your own means to the meeting point to start the visit with the guide. The team Raizes Turismo Personal will provide you all the information and help that you need. This is a private experience, your personal guide and your group, you set the pace and we tailor the experience for you.

We recommend the use of comfortable shoes to walk, as well as clothing appropriate to the weather and the time of the year. In this way, it is important to bring water or some hydrating drinks as well as sun protection and some snacks if you wish.

*This route includes a ticket to some museums or cultural places. It is possible that, for reasons beyond the organization’s control or due to scheduling issues, it may not be possible to carry out these visits. In that case, the personal guide will make other stops of tourist interest to replace these stops.

What is included
Private guide
Map of the city
Photos of the experience
Surprise gift
Price list

Our fares divide into three groups which are regardless of the final number of adults who attend:

  • The whole group up to 2 people, 82 €
  • The whole group up to 4 people, 90 €
  • The whole group up to 10 people, 120 €

People over 14 years old are considered adults.

More people, ask for more information.
21% VAT included.

avatar tripadvisor
John B

Excellent tour of the Refugios below the streets of Almeria

This was a fascinating tour of the underground ‘refugios’ that were built and used during the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939. Emilio gave us fascinating background information as we walked along under the streets of Almeria. He then gave us an additional tour above-ground, showing us yet more historical locations that were connected to that struggle. His commentary (in excellent English) brought to life the pain and fortitude of Almeria’s people during that time.
This was a great tour and we highly recommend Emilio for anyone visiting Almeria!

review tania tripadvisor
Tania P

Wonderful experience

Emílio was our guide in Almeria and we loved him! We did the tour at our pace as he was kind, patient and had a wonderful knowledge of the city! We definitely recommend him and his company!

Hanane Ouberka

I’ve been in contact with Raizes Turismo Personal through two touristic excursions. The first one was to Cabo de Gata with a team of professors. And the second one was a visit to Almeria city with friends from different countries. In the both experiences, the guide was the same (Emilio), but his way of telling things was totally different. I found him creative and knows how to manage each situation.
For me, what distinguishes them from others, besides being professionals and conveying their passion, is the fact of taking into consideration the background of each client.