About Raizes

Raizes Turismo Personal has the goal of defending the local culture and identity of the territory. The fusion between people and places based on values. What makes us different, makes us unique.

Lovers of the detail culture, we create experiences tailored to you on the basis of a personal and exclusive dedication to make you feel like at home. We believe that every experience should be special, that’s why we created Turismo Personal.

We are the guardians of the natural and cultural heritage of our land. Our passion is guiding and interpreting our territory and culture.

We are close by definition, as well as our way to understand tourism. Professionalism is not at odds with human warmth.

As a challenge, we are flexible and we love making unattainable dreams come true. The higher the goal, the best is our imagination.

We want to know who you are and where you are from to be aware of what thrills you. We are local specialists in our territory and culture so we can be your matchmaker that introduces you to the best version of the destination. The one that is made just for you, the one that will leave a mark in your heart and memory.

This is Turismo Personal, an experience made just for you, an unique way of travelling, knowing and discovering the world with authentic local flavour, friendly, humane, your way: Raizes.

So many companies have put their trust in us as we show below: big, small, individual, private and public ones.