We start the season 2018

Easter has come, and with it the springtime and the good weather. This dates are also the start of the 2018 season in Almería. it’s the time of the sunglasses, beers, tapas, bar’s terraces, ice creams, the heat, and also for the bravest… the bath suit. Yesterday Easter started, and in Raizes Turismo Personal we officially start the our 2018 season.

After a short time of hibernation (In Almería the winter is just a moment), the family of Raizes comes with new forces and many developments so we can enjoy new experiences in Almeria. For this Easter we bring you two news possibilities that will allow you to discover the city of Almería and its province.

First we have for this Easter and after, a new route for our Almería Freetour. You will see more news about it soon. In the other side a very important news, Raizes release its Shared Experiences: Guides tours and excursions all over the province, so the local people and the visitors can live together a new experience that will broke the routine and will help them discovering all the faces of Almería.

We begin this new experiences starting a new moment where the Raizes’s experiences reach more people but from a different perspective. After many request from Raizes’s friends we have decide to make a quarterly calender where you can find every week guided tours in the city, excursions all over the province and sporting activities in the nature.

With a open group format, and departures subject to minimal groups, any person can enroll in any experience at a really economic price. The city tours has a cost from 5€ to 15€, and the excursions and routes to the province has a cost from 10€ to 30€ each. With a regular activities program, the couples, families and groups of friends could find an alternative of entertainment at a reachable price while they meet more people. There are no more excuses to stay in Almería doing nothing.

This Tuesday 27 of march we start our new Almería Freetour for the year 2018. We also have, for the Saturday 31 of march two guided tours in the city of Almería, one to the old town and another to the Moorish Fortress, and one excursion to the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata Níjar. And if your are going to be in Almería in Easter you have more alternatives like our personal experiences with guarantee departures and a professional guide for you. If you haven’t come yet but you are thinking about it, don’t worry, we are always working to offer you the best of the best in our experiences.

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