Sailing tours

Almeria from the sea

From 20€/pers.

The trekking menu

Choose your favorite landscape and let's discover the nature

From 15€/pers.

Tabernas desert

Enjoy the european wild west

From 38€/pers.

The desert’s caves

Find out the natural place of Karst en Yesos de Sorbas

From 55€/pers.

Almeria in an electric scooter

Fresh air, speed and local culture

From 25€/pers.

Shelters of Civil War in Almeria

Immerse yourself with a guide into the Shelters of Almeria

From 10€/pers.

The first Almeria

Discover where the city of Almeria was born

From 8€/pers.

Flamenco in Almeria

Discover the history of flamenco in Almeria and let´s sing

From 16€/pers.

Alcazaba tour

The Alcazaba of Almeria with your own personal guide

From 10€/pers.

Monumental Almeria

The perfect tour to get to know the city and historical center of Almeria

From 15€/pers.

Cabo Break

Magic tour to Cabo de Gata in only one day

From 58€/pers.

Yoga Natural Tour

Know and live the yoga in Almeria with a transforming experience

From 60€/pers.

Almeria d’tapeo

Taste Almeria's gastronomy in a journey full of history

From 16€/pers.

Los Millares & la Alpujarra

Archeology and nature hold hands at Sierra Nevada

From 58€/pers.

Almeria’s Highlight

One thousand years of Almeria City in two hours

From 10€/pers.

The coves of Almeria

The small yet rich beaches of Almería, hidden treasures

From 58€/pers.

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